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Plans & Strategies

Please find below a list of Plans and Strategies relevant to Southern Rivers CMA.

Southern Rivers Catchment Action Plan 2023.pdf
Illawarra NRM Action Plan 2010.pdf
Southern Rivers Regional Weed Management Strategy - September 2011.pdf
Eden Land and Sea Country Plan 2010.pdf
Southern Rivers CMA Investment Program 2009-10.pdf
Appendix C - Southern Rivers CMA Investment Program 2009-10.pdf
Catchment Action Plan - Section 1 (Overview).pdf
Catchment Action Plan - Section 2 (Community and Partnerships).pdf
Catchment Action Plan - Section 3 (Biodiversity).pdf
Catchment Action Plan - Section 4 (Soil and Land Capability).pdf
Catchment Action Plan - Section 5 ( Water).pdf
Catchment Action Plan - Section 6 (Coastal and Marine).pdf
South East Coast Catchment Blueprint.pdf
Southern Catchment Blueprint.pdf
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